99 Names of Allah

99 Names of Allah 2.3

Read, search and hear the 99 names of Allah


  • Lists Quran references for each name
  • Includes sounds for each


  • Clunky user interface

Not bad

If you need some help remembering the 99 names of Allah then perhaps this handy mobile application could help you.

99 Names of Allah for Mobile offers a list of all the most beautiful names of Allah, along with the meaning of each one in either English or Arabic, and a reference to it in the Quran. Besides this, the program also lets you play the sound that relates to each name.

In truth, the user interface within the 99 Names of Allah app is a little awkward to use. To find a name, you need to scroll down the index then choose 'Open' from the options menu, rather than just being able to access the name by clicking on it. It would've also been good to be able to flick through the names from the description page using the number keys, or the directional buttons, for example. On the plus side, there is a search function, and a 'Goto Name' option where you can jump straight to a particular number in the list of beautiful names.

That said, 99 Names of Allah is a very handy resource for anyone studying the Quran. Having the Quran references and the sounds in the program can prove very useful.

All in all, a useful way of learning the 99 names of Allah while you're sat on the bus.

99 Names of Allah


99 Names of Allah 2.3

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